Dr. Jeff White
Chief School Administrator
100 Linden Avenue Irvington, NJ 07111
100 Linden Ave.,Irvington NJ, 07111
Dr. Jeff White
Chief School Administrator

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Dr. Jeff White

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Keep the learning going throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

There are countless online resources to help scholars and parents — for any grade, and for any subject or interest. Some places to start include Khan Academy, a site with hundreds of videos and online tutorials for K-12 students across a variety of subjects; Bill Nye the Science Guy and, which focus on science and computer science respectively and offer both lessons and hands-on projects; or the BrainPOP or National Geographic Kids websites, which have educational lessons for younger children. These and many other resources are readily accessible, largely free of charge and can often be downloaded for use offline.

Reserve at least one “period” every day for pleasure reading, which has many educational, intellectual, and social-emotional benefits. Frequent trips to the library will ensure that your child/scholar has plenty of reading. Remember in SY 2021-2022, we all need to focus on accelerating scholars’ learning and building scholars’ social-emotional skill-sets.

Get outdoors
How parents make the outdoors part of the school day is especially important during the school year. Every day should include outdoor time to burn off your kid’s extra energy and as an extension of whatever educational lesson is suitable for your yard or a nearby.

Reach out to others to divide and conquer
Many of these ideas may not just seem overwhelming but also impossible for working parents. Pool resources and reach out to other parents in your child’s class or a teacher, if possible, to divide and conquer. Perhaps one person can find options for good online math lessons, and another can send around recipes for a kitchen-based science experiment that everyone can do with basic pantry ingredients. Also consider how your children and their friends can help one another or their younger sibling for example with direct conversations and some coaching.

Your ability to motivate your child to learn will be one of the most important aspects of the school year. It is one more reason every moment we should spend thinking about how to support students during the school year and make us appreciate, more than ever, the power of a good teacher. The COVID-19 Health Crisis for many was a reminder of how much our teachers do, for us all, each day.

Never was it truer than now that it takes a village . . . we are in this together for the well-being of the children. I wish you good health and happiness in the 2021-2022 school year.


Dr. Jeff White
Chief School Administrator

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