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Mr. Theodore Boler


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Principal’s Message:

The mission of the Burch Charter School of Excellence is to develop critical thinkers that evolve into digital, life-long learners in a blended learning environment. In a world of accelerated change, we consciously enhance the positive character traits to ensure our students become productive 21st century world citizens. I am extremely honored to serve as the Principal to ensure that this most noble mission is fulfilled.
There is something in our profession known as a teachable moment that must be sensed and seized by the teacher. This moment is that sacred time between a teacher and student, when a teacher looks into the eyes of his or her student and realizes that the student understands. Great teachers can duplicate this experience over and over with a countless number of students by mastering their subject, maintaining a structured learning environment and understanding and respecting their students. We, at the Burch Charter School of Excellence, have worked tirelessly to create and maintain an atmosphere to allow for teachable moments and we are extremely proud of this achievement. We have the structure and commitment, a supportive Board of Trustees, devoted staff, dedicated parents and most of all our wonderful student scholars. Together, the collaborative efforts of our village will ensure we accomplish our mission.


Theodore E. Boler, Jr.



Learn about the various programs being offered at the Burch Charter School of Excellence in this Information Summary sheet. A lot of your basic questions are answered in this summary sheet.

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