Dr. Jeff White
Chief School Administrator
100 Linden Avenue Irvington, NJ 07111

For Parents

A school district that receives Title I funds must implement programs, activities and procedures for the involvement of parents in programs assisted by Title I funding. The district will reserve not less than one percent of its allocation under Subpart 2 to carry out these requirements, which shall include promoting family literacy and parenting skills.

A New Vision of Assessment

• Texts Worth Reading

• Problems Worth Solving

• Tests Worth Taking

In carrying out the parental involvement requirements of NCLB, §1118 and this Policy, the School and school district, to the extent practicable, shall provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children, to include providing information and school reports required under NCLB, §1111 in a format and, to the extent practicable, in a language such parents understand.

A charter school is a public school that:
• Open to all students on a space-available basis.
• Independent of the local board of education.
• Managed by a board of trustees who are authorized to supervise and control by the NJ Department of Education.